Various genres

Vlastimil Peška refuses to avoid any musical stream. (As proven in special cases and in commitments to particular projects or requests.) Thus his works have ranged from brass arrangements, film music and compositions for radio and television scripts.

Thanks to his musical versatility (also in playing – he plays several musical instruments – violin, bass guitar, keyboards, saxophone, and shepherd´s pipe among others) he has strayed into the realms of pop, rock, jazz and folk.

His highlights include the CD Ballads and Murder Songs, which was issued in 1993 by the BONTON Publishing House. On this record, he combined elements of folklore, urban lore and folk. He himself dubbed this style of music Fo-Fo. Later on, it came to be known as world music. That intriguing record featured performers of considerable renown such as Zuzana Navarová, Jan Nedvěd and Vít Sázavský. 
The BROLN Orchestra performed it together with a range of special guests.